ARK | The Center | Redwood Forest Biome Preview


<p>It's time for a sneak peek of the Redwood Forest Biome on The Center map in ARK Survival Evolved. This map is in beta and is made by EVILMRFRANK. I think he did an amazing job with this map and love the looks of it!!Enjoy and let me know what you think of this map and the Redwood Forest Biome Preview! :DTell your friends and share!! It really helps me out !! :D▽Social Media:►Subscribe: <a href="">►Follow</a> me on Twitter: <a href="">►Follow</a> me on Facebook:<a href="">▽Playlists:►ARK</a> Survival Evolved: Base Building (Tips&amp;Tricks): <woltlab-metacode data-name="media" data-attributes="W10=">

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