ACCIon RCON tool

  • Nettes neues kleines Tool für Admins mit einem Root Server (oder allgemein mit mehr als einem ARK Server)

    hier mal die Funktionen auf englisch


    • Add up to 15 different servers for administration
    • Get all the chatlogs from the server including timestamps, Steam name and ingame name of players
    • Filter for specific types or groups of the chat
    • Send ingame message, either to specific player or global
    • Set different color for each server, for better readability
    • Divide your servers into groups (e.g. game specific, PvE vs PvP)
    • Show online players
    • Right click for open steamprofil
    • Mark new (unseen) players for seven days
    • See played time
    • Send commands to all servers, groups or specific servers
    • Commands can be delayed and repeated
    • Delayed commands are shown in a query
    • Commands can be set to a specific execution via the "auto" function
    • Can be repeated daily
    • Warnings can be set for auto commands (via broadcast message) with custom text. #time is available as a placeholder for the time left until execution
    • Logs are saved to log directory